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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida. Click Here to Learn More About Rod

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Peter ThielRod is one of our nation’s leading minds. He’s smart, original, and very committed—a combination that one rarely finds. Peter ThielPayPal, Founders Fund, Facebook, Palantir

How to Resolve the North Korea Crisis Once and For All

by Dr. Jack Wheeler April 21, 2017 On Monday (4/17), Vice-President Mike Pence was here at the Panmunjom border between North and South Korea.  But this is a view the Silver Fox never saw.  For it is from the North Korean side.   I took this picture in 2010. Many of...

The State Can’t Protect the Environment – Markets Can

by Fred Smith and Iain Murray April 20, 2017 As Joseph Schumpeter noted, free markets had a good first century (the 1750s to 1850s). A market economy produced massive improvements in the quality of life, and that gained it general legitimacy. But, as he also warned,...

Secession Could Give California the Reality Check it Needs

by Daniel J. Mitchell April 19, 2017 Donald Trump's election is having a very good effect on my leftist friends. Because they fear the new occupant of the White House, they’re now much more sympathetic to the notion that there should be limits on the power of the...

The Geopolitics of Nuclear Weapons

by George Friedman, Xander Snyder, and Cheyenne Ligon April 18, 2017 Nuclear bombs have a strange quality: They are a type of weapon that countries spend enormous sums of money to develop but don’t actually intend to use. While chemical weapons have been frequently...

The Rod Martin Report – April 15, 2017

The Rod Martin Report - April 15, 2017  Don Trumpleone Settles the Family's Business The Persuasion Frame, Plus MOAB The Wiretapping and Russia Scandals Supreme Court/60-Vote Rule Wrap-Up Stuff's Gettin' Better. Stuff's Gettin' Better Every Day Three Tech Revolutions...

King Dollar and the Chinese Death Spiral

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard April 14, 2017 Lake Como, Italy.  The world’s leading currency institute is bracing for a dramatic rise in the US dollar as the Federal Reserve rushes to tighten monetary policy, setting the stage for a protectionist showdown and a fresh...

How Trump Really Plans to Destroy ISIS

by Jack Kelly April 13, 2017 Across the Arab world, reports the London Telegraph, people have found a new hero.  They call him Abu Ivanka Al-Amriki. Israelis too are hailing him as their new hero.  They call him President Donald Trump.  Abu Ivanka Al-Amriki, you see,...

Trump Calls Putin’s Bluff

by Ralph Peters April 12, 2017 The biggest loser from last week’s cruise-missile strikes on a Syrian air base wasn’t “President” Bashar al-Assad. It was Vladimir Putin. The Syrian leader was punished, but Russia’s new czar was humiliated. Even with an hour’s warning...

Brexit’s Impact on the UK Economy

by George Friedman April 12, 2017   Summary On March 29, British Prime Minister Theresa May signed a letter declaring the United Kingdom’s intention to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union and withdraw from the EU. Going against most mainstream...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.