by Rod D. Martin
January 31, 2023

Over on Twitter, Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer claims that abortion is sometimes “the lesser of two evils”. After failing to address his application of that thought to the rape and incest “exceptions” (which mete out the death penalty not to the guilty party but rather to the innocent baby), he retreats to the seemingly sympathetic (but dishonest) exception for “the life of the mother”.

He says ” But terminating a pregnancy may also be necessary to save a woman’s life in certain circumstances, which, in those cases, may be the “lesser of two evils,” no?”

Well, no. Because this is a red herring.

Conflating “terminating a pregnancy” and “abortion” is pro-death propaganda.

Inducing labor is “terminating a pregnancy” but it’s not an abortion.

A miscarriage terminates a pregnancy, but is not an abortion.

Treating an ectopic pregnancy may result in terminating a pregnancy. But it’s not an abortion, legally or medically, no matter how many leftists pretend otherwise.

Triage is also not an abortion. If only one patient can be saved and the doctor chooses the patient with the greater chance of survival, and if that patient is the mother, that may terminate a pregnancy, but it’s not an abortion, legally or medically, no matter how many leftists pretend otherwise.

The law already accounts for all of this.

So since the law accounts for all of this, and since the morality of it is every bit as obvious as the laws surrounding killings of post-born people (whether rightful, wrongful, negligent or accidental), to conflate these terms is nothing but willful obfuscation.

And its purpose is to legitimize none of this, but rather something which God hates, the murder of the innocent.

Understand well: this is the position of #BigEva, whether we’re talking about Phil Vischer, David French, Russell Moore or their many friends. They’re using their platforms, and your seminaries and pulpits, to normalize this evil.

You should ask why.

Conflating “Terminating a Pregnancy” & “Abortion” is Pro-Death Propaganda originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.