by Rod D. Martin
March 22, 2023

This story demonstrates how dishonest certain SBC leaders were in 2021 pretending that Attorney Client Privilege had to be waived to prevent its use to cover up crimes. As I argued from the first, you can’t use ACP to cover up crimes.

The people who claimed otherwise are at best incompetent to be involved in the running of any significant organization. Some of them, though, are just unethical liars. Those on the Executive Committee itself (not to mention the Task Force) were advised of this by no less than eleven top lawyers. And no one has called any of them to account.

Two additional points:

  1. Waiving ACP uncovered nothing of substance, but has rendered the SBC EC vulnerable to lawsuits by David Sills and Johnny Hunt. Which I guess is God’s sense of humor on display.
  2. The case against Trump discussed in the story is political nonsense. But I digress.

For more details, “Judge Approves ‘Crime Fraud Exception’ in Special Counsel Probe of Trump Classified Documents” at NBC News.