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Open Letter: America’s National Sovereignty Threatened: Congress must fund a Wall that secures our Southern Border

December 4, 2018 Washington, DC   As the southern border continues to be overwhelmed by migrants seeking illegal entry into the United States, we urge Congress to finally address this issue in their end of year funding measure. In their legislation, Congress must address three critical areas.   Provide a minimum of $5 billion for President Trump’s border wall. Unlike the $1.6 billion that Congress passed in March, these funds must allow the president to actually engage in new construction and planning. To be clear, funds that merely allow for repairs, planning or pedestrian fencing—and do not allow for...

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Open Letter: Conservative Leaders Urge the Senate to Work Around-the-Clock to Confirm Conservative Nominees

November 16, 2018 Washington, DC Dear Leader McConnell and all Republican senators, Close to 200 nominations, both executive and judicial, are awaiting consideration in the Senate. If these nominations are not confirmed by the end of the year, they will be returned to the White House. With this in mind, we ask you to keep the Senate in session to confirm all pending conservative executive and judicial nominations before adjourning for the year — around the clock, including nights and weekends if necessary. Particularly now that the 60-vote threshold is no longer a barrier, there is no excuse for...

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Open Letter: Conservative Urge The Senate to Confirm All Nominees Before Adjournment

November 14, 2018 Washington, DC   As Congress prepares its agenda for the upcoming lame duck session, conservatives urge Senate leadership to confirm all remaining nominees before adjourning for the year.   Senate Republican leadership has done yeoman’s work in confirming two Supreme Court justices and a host of appellate judges. However, 178 nominations are still pending in the Senate. 72 of them are judges – over 50 of them at the district court level.   While appellate judges are important, district judges also hold sway and significance over the integrity of the judiciary. Many district judges go on...

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Open Letter: Conservative Priorities for the Lame Duck

November 9, 2018 Washington, DC Congress returns to work after the elections for a lame duck session that already has numerous items on its agenda. Government funding expires on December 7, several statutes must be reauthorized or extended, and House and Senate leaders have committed to funding President Trump’s border wall.   We ask that the Congress focus on four very specific action items.   Fully fund a border wall. For two years, Congress has failed to address the crisis at the border – one made all the more urgent as thousands of migrants surge toward the U.S. with...

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The Morning After – Election 2018

by Rod D. Martin November 7, 2018 So this morning we’re exactly where I left off last night (which is exactly as I expected). Arizona and Montana still too close to call, but Republicans leading. There’s a very good chance we’ll end up at 55 Senate seats, up from 51, and a tie with our high in modern times. That means the absolute first, second, tenth and twentieth priority of conservatism — today as two years ago — gets done: confirming enough judges to turn back the cultural (and actual) Marxist stranglehold on key courts; and possibly, to lock...

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