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The Morning After – Election 2018

by Rod D. Martin November 7, 2018 So this morning we’re exactly where I left off last night (which is exactly as I expected). Arizona and Montana still too close to call, but Republicans leading. There’s a very good chance we’ll end up at 55 Senate seats, up from 51, and a tie with our high in modern times. That means the absolute first, second, tenth and twentieth priority of conservatism — today as two years ago — gets done: confirming enough judges to turn back the cultural (and actual) Marxist stranglehold on key courts; and possibly, to lock...

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#YearOfTheWoman, GOP Edition

by Rod D. Martin November 7, 2018 #YearOfTheWoman, GOP edition: 1st woman elected IA Gov.   1st woman elected SD Gov.   1st Korean-American woman elected to Congress.   1st female TN Senator.   1st female AZ Senator* (results pending).   1st Latina Lt. Gov of FL.   1st elected female MS Senator (favored in runoff).   Funny how the Feminists couldn’t care less.   — #YearOfTheWomen originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D....

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The Rod Martin Report – Final Pre-Election Update

Final Pre-Election Update     Dear Friend, Vote. Vote now. And take friends. As you well know from The Rod Martin Report, from, and from my constant stream of updates on Facebook, I have been warning for well over a year now that lower enthusiasm by Republicans will lose the day.   Today we find out if Republicans — you, me, our friends — heeded the warning.   The party in the White House usually loses 28 House seats in the President’s first midterm (12 if you factor out the outliers of 1994, 2002 and 2010). Republicans have...

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Latest Generic Ballot Numbers – Nov. 1, 2018

by Rod D. Martin November 1, 2018 LATEST GENERIC BALLOT NUMBERS (remembering that historically, the Republicans win the House at D+5 or better): as of this morning, Rasmussen has it D+3, YouGov D+5, Ipsos D+7, Morning Consult D+8, Harris D+9. Last week, Harris was D+6. But also last week, McLaughlin was D+2, and on balance, I’d take McLaughlin over nearly all of these guys. BTW, that Ipsos D+7 has been holding for about a week, as has the Rasmussen D+3. I want to stress that, at this point, what’s happening in individual races is far more important than these...

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#BlueWave in Florida? Not So Much

by Rod D. Martin October 17, 2018 #BlueWave in Florida? Not so much. More than 2.6 million mail-in ballots were sent out by elections supervisors two weeks ago. As of early Tuesday morning nearly 446,000 of those ballots had been returned with almost 40,000 more Republicans submitting ballots than Democrats, even though Democrats requested almost 120,000 more of the mail-in ballots than did their GOP counterparts. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to work your heart out for Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis: you do. It’s close, and it’s tough, and the consequences of defeat are frankly ghastly (as...

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