by Rod D. Martin
April 4, 2023

So let’s parse this out: A stripper, represented by a lawyer now convicted for 32 counts of extortion, tries to extort Trump for “hush money”, threatening to disrupt the election (“election interference”) and of course his family.

He says he never slept with her, but he pays — who wouldn’t? — which is not a crime.

She then violates the agreement, goes public after cashing the check, and he sues. She loses, and has to pay damages, now upheld this very day by the leftwing 9th Circuit.

But seven years later, a partisan Soros-financed DA, whose policy is to downgrade felonies to misdemeanors, upgrades this particular misdemeanor to a felony. On a bookkeeping violation.

Oh, AND the misdemeanor — if it even were one — is past the Statute of Limitations. And so is the “campaign finance violation” the DA uses to “upgrade” the crime. AND, both the FEC and the Federal courts have ruled that expenditures such as Trump’s AREN’T campaign finance violations at all.

This is Third World. Outright totalitarianism.

And if they’ll do it to him, they’ll do it to you.


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As my friend and former Federal Election Commission Chairman Brad Smith put it in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago: “The ‘crime’ that Mr. Bragg claims is being covered up isn’t a crime at all. Worse still, one is left with the distinct impression that if Mr. Trump had used campaign funds to pay Ms. Daniels, Mr. Bragg would be alleging that the underlying crime the business records were intended to cover up was the illegal conversion of campaign funds to personal use. This is a classic Catch-22 that undermines the rule of law.”

A two-tiered justice system is no justice system at all. It’s “democracy dying” not in “darkness” but in plain sight. So you’ll fear them.

The Trump “Hush Money” Indictment originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.