You said you wanted to Drain the Swamp. This is how it’s done.

by Rod D. Martin
October 25, 2023

For all of you who bought the leftist media narrative smearing Matt Gaetz and claiming “Republican chaos” was some world-ending disaster…

Well, today we have the most conservative Speaker in modern history. The RINOs are the ones in chaos. And in the interim, we DIDN’T pass huge new appropriations funding the Biden agenda as McCarthy would have.

You pretend you want to “drain the swamp”. And then you’re horrified when someone actually acts to do it. Because you’re more interested in being polite (or at least appearing to be polite) while losing than in actually doing what it takes to win.

Grow up.


Separately, in an interesting twist, we replaced a bad Southern Baptist Speaker with a good Southern Baptist Speaker.

The SBC needs the same kind of change. But some of you value polite defeat over faithfulness and honesty there too.

You should consider that you’ll stand to account for that someday.


Today We Have the Most Conservative Speaker in Modern History originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.