Rod D. Martin

Entrepreneur. Futurist.
Philosopher Capitalist.

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Rod D. Martin, founder and CEO of The Martin Organization, is a technology entrepreneur, futurist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.  Fox Business News calls him a “tech guru”, Britain’s Guardian has labeled him a “philosopher-capitalist”, Gawker describes him as “another of Peter Thiel’s brilliant nonconformists,” and George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management introduced him as “America’s foremost [conservative] expert on online politics.”


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“Rod is one of our nation’s leading minds.  He possesses a more complete understanding of America than most executives have of their own businesses.  He’s smart, original, and very committed — a combination that one rarely finds.”

Peter Thiel

Founder of PayPal, 'America's leading public intellectual.' - Fortune

Rod is a mentor, a wise counselor, a brilliant strategist, a visionary, and a builder. He is one of a precious few souls the world could use far more of.

Dr. Harald Ott

Ott Laboratory for Organ Engineering and Regeneration, Harvard Medical School

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Current Features

A Century of Marxism-Leninism

by Matt Ridley January 7, 2017 Human beings can be remarkably dense. The practice of bloodletting, as a medical treatment, persisted despite centuries of abundant evidence that it did more harm than good. The practice of communism, or political bloodletting as it...

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How the Founders Dealt with Fake News

by Jarrett Stepman January 4, 2017 Following the presidential election, numerous stories surfaced about how “fake news” influenced the results. This prompted a reaction from the media and a concerted effort by the social media giant Facebook to crack down on the...

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The Rod Martin Report – Happy New Year!

The Rod Martin Report - Happy New Year!   Dear Friends, The New Year is upon us, and rather than writing our normal "Rod Martin Report" I want to share with you some deeper thoughts, on America's place in the century ahead. Before I do that, I am going to cover...

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The Collapse of the EU Empire

by Matt Ridley December 22, 2016 The Italian referendum and close-shave Austrian election are symptoms of a continent that may be teetering on the brink of political disintegration. It’s just possible that an empire may be collapsing before our eyes, as the Habsburg...

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Trump’s FDA Chief Could Save Your Life

by Patrick Cox December 13, 2016 President-elect Trump’s cabinet appointments are generating a great deal of attention and controversy. After eight years of Democrat rule, it would be foolish to expect otherwise. One appointment, though, will have a profound impact on...

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The Epic Saudi Fail and the Triumph of American Ingenuity

As I've said for years now, "Peak Oil" is a ludicrous myth. But I've also said, from the very beginning of the Saudi gambit to bankrupt America's frackers, that fracking was (and is) perhaps the greatest tech story of the decade, that American technology and...

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