by Rod D. Martin
January 28, 2023

Certain friends are convinced that EVs are a scam. I’m going to address that with a double answer: they are and they aren’t.

Electric cars make tons of sense as a way to diversify the energy mix needed to power our auto and trucking fleets. Understood that way, they are in our national security interest, particularly if we build tons of new power plants, ideally nuclear. If you lived through the oil embargoes of ’73 and 79′ you’ll understand what I mean.

HOWEVER, they are a scam if (like California) you demand everyone switch to an EV and then cut the power supply.

Bottom line, it’s a good technology, it’s driving the development of needed battery tech that will change the world (hint: the batteries in current use are completely insufficient for a full EV transition, which is another part of the second scenario above), and Tesla is a good company. But Tesla’s success is being used by the left to achieve nefarious aims, which is not Elon’s fault; and Elon’s defection from the left is causing them to try to crush him.

As to that last bit, I repeat my longstanding guidance: don’t bet against Elon.