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The Rod Martin Report – January 6, 2018

The Rod Martin Report – January 6, 2018   Dear Friends, Happy New Year, and Happy Epiphany! 2017 was a whirlwind, most of it far beyond our hopes. The best is yet to come. We began with a vacant Supreme Court seat, previously held by the departed giant Antonin Scalia, and the bare promise of an unknown-quantity President — who could well have been “saying whatever was necessary” to get elected.   Many of us voted for Donald Trump primarily because of that promise, because we knew what a five-and-a-half seat leftist Supreme Court majority meant. We didn’t know...

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What Roy Moore’s Loss Means, for Republicans and for Christians

by Rod D. Martin December 13, 2017 The sun comes up, and today is another day. So what about Alabama? On the technical side, our better pollsters underestimated the Democrats’ ability to turn out its voters by about the same margin that Monday’s Fox News poll overestimated it. They met in the middle, and #AbortionJones squeaked out the narrowest of wins. That will make things much harder in the Senate for the next year, and hand a lot more power to the RINOs who hated Roy Moore before the first allegation. Which was always the point, and why a...

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Open Letter From Conservative Leaders: Congress Must Prioritize Responsible Spending in Year-End Deals

Congress Must Prioritize Responsible Spending in Year-End Deals   November 20, 2017 Washington, D.C. For years, conservatives have been sounding the alarm on growing debt and deficits. A red tidal wave of debt threatens the health of the economy, business creation, the ability of families to create wealth. In doing so, exploding debt threatens no less than the American dream. When Republicans obtained unified control of the government in January, many conservatives expected a return to fiscal discipline, and an effort to control the massive growth in deficits that occurred under President Obama. Unfortunately, Congress has so far failed...

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Open Letter From Conservative Leaders: The President Must Continue to Prioritize American Sovereignty

The President Must Continue to Prioritize American Sovereignty   November 6, 2017 Washington, D.C. In a world of continuing and multifaceted threats, strong action from the executive is necessary to protect America’s national security interests and keep her citizens safe. We applaud President Trump’s recent speech to the United Nations as a much-needed declaration of America’s sovereignty and a tribute to America’s enduring international legacy as a free democracy.After nearly a decade of mixed messages about America’s role in the world, President Trump’s speech provided refreshing and necessary clarity about America’s priorities. Trump made clear to the international community that...

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Open Letter From Conservative Leaders: The Senate Must Quickly Confirm Russ Vought

October 25, 2017Washington, DC   Conservatives have expressed concern over the Senate’s slow pace in confirming President Trump’s nominees.  At first, it seemed that this was a tactic of Senator Schumer and his loyal Democrats.  Then, it seemed that Republican Leader McConnell was responsible by reducing Senate work schedules to 2.5 days a week.Now, even the mainstream media reports that some of these nominees are being blocked from consideration by members of the President’s own party.  Specifically, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is refusing to allow consideration of the nomination of deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget...

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