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Open Letter: Conservative Leaders Urge Congress to Enact DHS and DOD Funding Bills Before the Election

CONSERVATIVE LEADERS URGE CONGRESS TO ENACT DHS AND DOD FUNDING BILLS BEFORE THE ELECTION August 28, 2018 Washington, DC For too long, Republican spending bills have missed key opportunities to implement President Trump’s agenda on policy, but also on spending. Many of the House and Senate spending bills have spent at levels well above what the president requested, and deliberately funded priorities that the president sought to diminish in his budget. To date, the House has passed six of twelve spending bills, and the Senate has passed nine. None of them have been sent to the White House for the...

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Democrats Jettison Their Superdelegates: What’s Next?

by Rod D. Martin August 27, 2018 ICYMI: Over the weekend, the DNC stripped superdelegates of their right to tip the scales in the Democrat nominating process. For my entire lifetime, unelected insider delegates have held the balance of power, and they handed a nomination to Hillary in 2016 that might well have gone to Sanders otherwise. While this is objectively a reform — and one I applaud — nevertheless, it tells us two things that bear watching. First and foremost, it tells us that the Clintons have fully and finally lost control of the DNC. The radical left...

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Erickson: Trump Supporters Are Hypocrites on Cohen

by Rod D. Martin August 24, 2018 NeverTrumper Erick Erickson is out this morning with a piece condemning all Trump supporters as hypocrites (big shock): “If Hillary had done this, you know you’d be screaming for impeachment.” Well no, Erick: I would not be “screaming for impeachment” for something that isn’t a crime. (And I’ll put Mark Levin, Alan Dershowitz, Cleta Mitchell and Brad Smith’s legal credentials on that point up against yours any day.) But I would want her gone, Erick, for Benghazi; for 33,000 emails and several Blackberries she destroyed — with a hammer! — to avoid...

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Open Letter: Conservative Leaders Urge Congress to Strengthen Work Requirements for Welfare Beneficiaries

CONSERVATIVE LEADERS URGE CONGRESS TO STRENGTHEN WORK REQUIREMENTS FOR WELFARE BENEFICIARIES     August 22, 2018 Washington, DC   Republicans, including President Trump, have long called for strong welfare reform, including work requirements. As the House and Senate work through the conference negotiations on the 2018 Farm Bill, we urge conferees to maintain a policy of conditioning benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, to limited work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs). According to the Heritage Foundation, the ABAWD caseload for SNAP benefits has more than doubled over the past decade,...

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The Sham Cohen Plea Deal

by Rod D. Martin August 22, 2018 I’ve thought a little about the sham Cohen plea deal. It is very interesting to me that, when the prosecutors announced the deal, they highlighted all of the matters to which Cohen pled guilty…except one: the alleged campaign finance violation regarding Daniels and (supposedly) Trump. Now there’s a reason they glossed over it. And it might not be obvious if you’re not paying awfully close attention. Cohen did not plead guilty to paying Daniels (which might have been a contribution, though I don’t think it would have been for reasons I’ll get...

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