by Rod D. Martin
April 3, 2023

Rosaria Butterfield, a former lesbian who converted to Christianity in 1999, had previously advocated for the use of transgender pronouns under the banner of “pronoun hospitality”, but now acknowledges that it was sinful.

In a statement, she said that using transgender pronouns was a sin against the ninth commandment, the creation ordinance, and image-bearing. She also stated that it discouraged progressive sanctification, falsified the gospel, cheapened redemption, and failed to love her neighbor.

Butterfield argued that Christians who use the moral lens of LGBTQ+ personhood and advocate for the use of transgender pronouns are “pudding in the enemy’s hand” and make false converts to a counterfeit gospel. She called on others to join her in repenting for promoting this sin.

“Public sin requires public repentance, not course correction,” she continued. “I have publicly sinned on the issue of transgender pronouns, which I have carelessly used in books and articles.”

Unfortunately, her many #BigEva acolytes have so far not followed suit.

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