by Rod D. Martin
June 28, 2018

For those wondering how to pray and lobby re: the Supreme Court:

First, the President reiterated his earlier list again last night and this morning. He has every intention of nominating the best possible Constitutionalist justice. He has no intention of caving like the RINOs we’re used to. That is clear.

Second, while everyone on his list is excellent, some are more excellent than others (as particularly is one we believe is being considered who is not on the formal list). THEREFORE: here are my first, second and third tier choices, and I believe this is what you should pray and work for.

Rod’s First Tier:

1. Senator Ted Cruz (age 47)
2. Judge Amy Coney Barrett (age 46)
3. Judge Don Willett (age 51)

Rod’s Second Tier

4. Judge Thomas Hardiman (age 52)
5. Judge Raymond Kethledge (age 51)
6. Justice Thomas Lee (age 53)

Rod’s Third Tier

7. Judge Brett Kavanaugh (age 53)
8. Judge Amul Thapar (age 49)

I want to stress: all of these folks are rock-solid. Generally speaking so is the rest of the President’s list (though I have mild reservations about a few). But these are the best of the best, in order.

Pray accordingly. We’ll post more as things progress. And my special thanks to Marjorie Danenfelser, Kelly Shackelford, the whole gang at the Federalist Society, and particularly Philip Jauregui for the meticulous effort they’ve put into vetting all these judges and helping the President with the fruit of their work.

I repeat: if successful, we are about to have the first actual conservative Supreme Court majority since 1937. I cannot stress that enough.


— For Those Wondering How to Pray and Lobby originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.