by Rod D. Martin
June 27, 2018

Some perspective on the Second Amendment, and the importance of an armed population.

There are roughly 11,000 gun related homicides each year. That averages to about 27-30 homicides per day.

65% of all those murders occur in just 2% of all counties in the United States — so they are VERY concentrated. And of those 27 daily homicides, roughly 25% of them occur in just 4 cities alone: Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington D.C. (each of which has extremely stringent gun control laws, and each of which has been run by Democrats for a century; but I digress).

Now, let’s compare the 11,000 homicides per year with the 100,000 to 2,000,000 incidents where guns used by responsible citizen stop a potential murder from taking place.

If we use the common accepted 500,000 incidents per year, then the number of potential murders stopped across the United States on an average day is 1,370. Conversely, if we use the lowest estimate of 100,000, then the number of potential murders stopped every day is 274.

In other words, not only does widespread gun ownership by law-abiding citizens not cause crime, but indeed, responsible gun owners defending themselves and others at a rate of 10 or 50 to 1 is pretty amazing and convincing that law abiding citizens are absolutely necessary to keeping gun-related violence as low as it is.

Oh, and how low is that? It’s dropped 50% in the last 25 years, while gun ownership doubled. Fancy that.



— Some Perspective on the Second Amendment originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.