by Rod D. Martin
July 2, 2018

So Mexico elected AMLO.

Just to be clear, AMLO is a man who says every Mexican has an inalienable right to be an illegal immigrant in the United States.

Why would he want that? Why would he want rid of his own citizens?

Well, if they’re in America, his dysfunctional kleptocracy doesn’t have to improve its economy to provide jobs, doesn’t have to come up with welfare checks, doesn’t have to solve its own problems at all.

And also, if they’re in America, they send money home. Oh, they live in poverty here, exploited by the Chamber of Commerce crowd and “community organizers” alike. But they work, or get welfare, and send a lot of it home. That comes to $30 billion annually, more than Mexico makes from oil exports or tourism.

Yes, this leftist AMLO wants to flood our country with the people he won’t take care of, because he benefits from their exploitation, and all the more so if they illegally vote for Democrats who’ll open the border and raise welfare payments.

You wondered what the game was from Mexico’s point of view. That’s it.

— Mexico’s First Left-Wing President originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.