by Rod D. Martin
September 28, 2018

Now Jeff The Flake wants a seventh FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh. Which raises a few questions:

1. Why did Flake vote to recommend Kavanaugh to the full Senate just an hour ago if he thinks we need another FBI investigation?

2. What exactly are we supposed to learn in a seventh FBI investigation that we didn’t learn in not one but six prior FBI investigations of Brett Kavanaugh over the years, all of which turned up not a single rumor of wrongdoing, including the investigation which just took place this summer?

3. And if the Democrats or Flake (but I repeat myself) cared about any of this, why did they withhold Ford’s letter from the FBI while it conducted that sixth investigation? Wouldn’t the FBI have needed that, if there were any truth in it; and of course, if the Democrats believed any of it? (Not that the FBI couldn’t turn this stuff up on its own, which is supposedly the point of a seventh investigation.)

4. And speaking of investigations: Kavanaugh was one of the top deputies on Ken Starr’s Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation. Does anyone honestly believe the Clintons didn’t look for every bit of dirt they could find on all those people? Or that, if Brett Kavanaugh was known to have attended “rape parties” they’d have used that to destroy Starr?

5. Oh, and when did the Dems quit pretending to believe all the other fake allegations (like the “rape parties”) they brought forward this week? Because they’ve obviously quit pretending that.

6. And exactly how many times do all of Ford’s named witnesses have to swear to the same exact thing: that nothing she said ever happened?

The Dems are desperately playing for time. And Jeff Flake is so consumed with hate for Donald Trump that he’s willing to throw everything he claims to believe — including what he claimed to believe by voting for Kavanaugh just an hour ago — to stick it to the President.

What a petty little excuse for a half-man. No wonder this eunuch became so unpopular in his own state that he had to abandon his own re-election campaign. #Pathetic


— Jeff Flake and an FBI Investigation originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.