by Rod D. Martin
October 1, 2018

Remember how many times NeverTrumpers and libertarians told us that Trump was going to blow up “free trade” (as if the deals he was criticizing actually constituted free trade), and plunge us into a depression (how’s that working out?), because he was opposed to all trade deals, and was trying to take us back to isolationism and Smoot-Hawley?

I was there. There was nothing he actually said that could legitimately cause you to think any of that: he just didn’t say things the way the Cato Institute, the Weekly Standard, the Koch brothers and Jeb! demanded he say them (or support the grossly lopsided “deals” they support). But little things like facts never got in their way (and still aren’t).

Last week, President Trump announced a new trade deal with South Korea, vastly better than what his predecessor had negotiated or the awful TPP, and putting significant carrots — and sticks — before China, Japan, and everyone else in East Asia, most assuredly including Kim Jong-un.

This morning, he announced an agreement those same NeverTrumpers and libertarians said he could never make with Mexico and Canada, replacing NAFTA and making a far better deal for US. Remember how we were told that neither country would even speak to us? Yeah, right.

Trump hates trade deals? Trump is an isolationist seeking autarky? No, Trump hates bad deals, like the ones we’ve been saddled with for decades, and has the temerity to actually do something about it. And the NeverTrumpers HATE being made look as stupid and weak as they are and always have been.

These are two of the biggest Presidential accomplishments of the last quarter century, by any reasonable standard. They will make everyone in all four countries richer and stronger. They will encourage better behavior out of many, many others. And they will do so without needlessly sacrificing the interests of Americans, who finally have a leader who puts their interests… First.

— NeverTrumpers, Libertarians, and Trump’s NAFTA Deal originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin