by Rod D. Martin
February 27, 2019

Senate Democrats, supporting pro-infanticide Governor Ralph Northam, killed a bill preventing states from allowing the murder of already-born infants.

If you thought there were any moderates left in the Democrat Party, you were gravely mistaken.

Only three Democrats voted AGAINST infanticide: Joe Manchin (D-WV), Doug Jones (D-AL), and Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA). Of those, only two mean it: Jones is just running for re-election in Alabama, and pretty certain to lose. And yes, that means that every single Democrat Presidential candidate in the Senate voted FOR infanticide.
Republicans who voted FOR infanticide: zero.

In response to the Senate’s vote, a very prominent SBC leader who ought to know better tweeted: “This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is about whether to keep babies born alive, alive.”

This tweet is not a political or religious issue: it is willful moral blindness.

All but three Democrats intentionally and proudly voted for infanticide. Zero Republicans voted for it. Zero.

That’s as stark a difference as you will ever see.

It serves this gentleman’s #SocialJustice agenda to pretend there’s no difference between the parties. He’s a good man, and he means well. But that’s not true, not at all.

I wish all of our Republicans were as strong on all our issues as I want them to be. I have worked my heart out all my life to improve the quality of our leadership, and the progress we’ve made has been slow, frustrating, and yet extraordinary. We are a vastly better party than we were in 1980, by any reasonable measure, however much improvement we still need.

But even where Republicans were in 1980 was 80,000% superior — by any measure — to where Democrats are today. They have abandoned the slightest pretense of morality, and they not only call evil good, they demand — by force — that we do also.

Any SBC or other church leader who is struggling to see that — on this most public of professions of faith, in the “right” to mass slaughter vs. the right to life for those created in God’s image — needs to ditch his Political Correctness and spend more time in his Bible. The difference here is not at all unclear, however offensive saying so might be to some.

The Gospel is itself an offense: shall we soft-pedal that too?

Infanticide originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.