by Rod D. Martin
February 28, 2019

NORTH KOREA: Like Reagan at Reykjavik, the President walked away from a ludicrous demand. But the net result is likely to be a lot like Reykjavik, which in 1986 was said by the Democrats/Enemedia to be the end of the world, an abject failure, and a prelude to nuclear war; and yet, just over a year later, resulted in Reagan not only getting his way, but banning an entire class of nuclear weapons, something all those same experts had said “could never be done” and labeled “a fantasy.”

Yeah, sometimes you have to walk away.

Kim is a dictator, yes, but he’s not alone in Pyongyang. The people he has to keep in line, and who will happily murder him if he can’t, have now learned that there’s a limit to what Donald Trump will tolerate. They will now give Kim more room to negotiate seriously. Because let’s be clear: North Korea needs a deal a lot more than we do.

Ditto China. Beijing, encouraged by the normal gang of American traitors, has been betting that the President would cave rather than impose tariffs, and that China could get the best of him in much the same way it got the best of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. They just learned otherwise, and will readjust. The current trade semi-war is crunching China pretty badly; it’s barely registering in the U.S., other than its extraordinarily positive effect on U.S. manufacturing.

So it’s a shame that a deal couldn’t be finalized in one stroke; but when is any deal done that way? Kim could not have been clearer that he wants a deal, and that he will continue pushing toward one. Ditto Mike Pompeo. And for that matter, ditto Beijing. No one is walking away from the negotiations. But in walking away from the Hanoi Summit, Donald Trump pulled a Reaganesque move that is likely to bring both deals to a far better conclusion than we’ve seen in our entire lifetimes.

It’s nice when someone with real world experience leads America — Trump the commercial real estate king, Reagan the bare-knuckled union boss — instead of the think tank eggheads the RINOs prefer. Makes a difference.

— Sometimes You Have to Walk Away originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.