by Rod D. Martin
February 24, 2019

If you want to know the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, go to Venezuela.

On Saturday, Venezuelan troops burned food in front of starving people, killed 24 aid workers, and blocked medical doctors from assisting the sick and dying. Because God forbid relief aid should enter the country and possible “weaken” the Socialist government.

Note well: this is a Socialist government which leading Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has long supported, and held up as a model for America (along with Cuba).

Maduro’s troops burned enough food yesterday to feed over 100,000 people for a month, along with wheelchairs, crutches, medicine and hygiene kits with scarce toilet paper, soap and toothpaste.

Medical doctors in Venezuela say thousands of patients are dying because there is no medication.

The dialysis equipment is broken and there are outbreaks of malaria, measles and diphtheria.

The Socialists will not allow medical clinics to open with foreign aid. The AMA has identified over 70 Venezuelan doctors living in the United States who want to return but they need medicine and equipment. They are willing to donate their services, but the Socialists will not allow it.

The Socialists don’t care about poor people, they care about power and controlling them. That’s what they care about in America too.

— The Difference Between Capitalism and Socialism originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.