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Open Letter: Faith Leaders Urge Congress to Strengthen “Securing America’s Future Act”

CONGRESS MUST STRENGTHEN “SECURING AMERICA’S FUTURE ACT” EVANGELICALS FOR BIBLICAL IMMIGRATION (EBI) with CATHOLICS FOR AMERICAN RENEWAL (C-FAR)   March 21, 2018 Chairman Robert Goodlatte, House Judiciary Committee 115th Congress of the United States of America Honorable Chairman Goodlatte and all Members of Congress: As faith leaders, we thank you for the Securing America’s Future Act. This “Goodlatte bill” is closest to the promises made to the American people, though we feel it could be stronger still. Only, action will rebuild trust. After seven (7) U.S. amnesties, and few if any promises kept to the American people, we ask...

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Open Letter From Conservative Leaders: The Senate Must Not Confirm Chai Feldblum

THE SENATE MUST NOT CONFIRM CHAI FELDBLUM   March 20, 2018 Washington, DC The Senate is currently considering the nomination of Chai Feldblum for reappointment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with a five-year term. We urge the Senate to reject her confirmation. Feldblum has long held views that are out of step with conservative principles and President Trump’s agenda. Feldblum has publicly advocated that sex discrimination, as defined in current law, should be modified to include sexual orientation and gender identity. She also believes that religious liberty exemptions should be extremely narrow. On the issue of religious...

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Open Letter From Conservative Leaders: Conservatives Must Defend the Second Amendment

CONSERVATIVES MUST DEFEND THE SECOND AMENDMENT   March 5, 2018 Washington, DC The recent school shooting in Parkland, FL was a tragedy. 17 students and teachers lost their lives at the hands of a mentally unstable gunman. The bravery and selflessness shown by those who sacrificed their lives to help others to safety is a humbling example of the best of American virtues. What adds to the tragedy in Parkland was the fact that it could have been prevented. The shooter was known to local Parkland law enforcement, which responded to calls at his house more than thirty times....

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The Rod Martin Report – February 24, 2018

The Rod Martin Report – February 24, 2018     Dear Friends, As you know, the Rod Martin Report normally provides in-depth analysis of several of the week’s key events and how they fit into the “bigger picture”. But every so often, one event is of such great import that we dedicate an entire issue just to that. This is one of those weeks. You’ve no doubt seen or heard about the successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy (from historic KSC Pad 39A, where Apollo 11 departed for the Moon). What few have grasped are its economic and geopolitical...

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Reusable Rockets: Dawn of the Real Space Age

by Rod D. Martin February 21, 2018 When Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos began testing reusable rockets, few really understood the significance of what they were seeking to achieve. Now that SpaceX is routinely re-launching used Falcon 9 boosters – not to mention this month’s launch of the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy, with three times the payload of the Space Shuttle – it is tempting, having never answered the original question, to yawn at what is quickly becoming the new normal. Indulging that temptation would be a mistake. Reusability is a revolution comparable to the invention...

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