by Rod D. Martin
September 4, 2022

A new survey from Arizona Christian University finds that just 37% of allegedly Christian pastors hold a Christian worldview.

Among the rest, a third think you can work your way to Heaven (which is to say they are not actually Christians at all). Not shockingly, that same third affirms Socialism.

39% believe there is no absolute truth.

37% say that having faith is good, but it doesn’t matter what your faith is in.

30% say outright that salvation is NOT based on what the Bible says it is in Rom. 10:9.

If you think the Church is immune to unbelief, you should probably re-read Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters”. Or maybe just remember the doctrine of original sin. Where would Satan rather work than among the believers, to deceive them if he can?

(NOTE: this is from a survey of Christian pastors generally, not of any one denomination.)