by Rod D. Martin
July 16, 2022

Virgil Walker’s tweet is 100% correct:

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The average SBC church attendee won’t know what’s coming this fall. But many unsuspecting churches will be subtly infused with more wokeness.

When the average SBC attendee hears about the “Unify Project,” they’ll think, “Oh, what’s not to like about unity?”

They’ll hear some right things about unity in Christ while, at the same time, all of the presuppositions of CRT are subtly affirmed and made:

  1. Systemic racism is at the heart of all of our institutions.
  2. Blacks continue to be marginalized and oppressed (systemically).
  3. The paternalistic idea that white people must listen to our (blacks) stories of past injustices so that blacks can “heal.”

All three of these things are demonstrably false. And all three promote division, not unity, by substituting neo-Marxist “power dynamics” for the Gospel.

I have nothing against Tony Evans (the creator of the KRT movement). I’m confident that his approach is well-intentioned. His decades of service to the body of Christ are to be commended.

However, on this subject, he’s dead wrong. Kingdom Race Theology — the fuel behind the “Unify Project” — is just repackaged CRT. Which is exactly why it’s coming from the Platform.


UPDATE: Virgil’s promised article is now online here: “Kingdom Race Theology: Is This God’s Plan or Something Else?”