by Rod D. Martin
March 20, 2007

You know that NASA climatologist who claims the Bush administration “muzzled” him? He, the ever-shrill global warming propagandist James Hansen, has gotten endless press for his claim, and numerous calls by Democrats for Congressional hearings to root out administration “corruption”.

Well, it turns out that he admits — in sworn testimony — that he was so “muzzled” that he gave over 1,400 separate interviews — during work hours! — in the past several years.

In fact, he even gave 15 interviews in the weeks immediately following the administration’s alleged “threat”.

So pretty clearly he’s a liar. But I have to ask: could you give 1,400 interviews during your work time?

I mean, this guy is a climatologist: he is not part of the NASA press office. It is by no means his job to sit around and do interviews all day. But that seems to be what he does, on the company dime (i.e., your and my tax dollars), day after day after week after year.

And then he uses his position to claim the President is muzzling him — an obvious and complete falsehood — just in case you missed that this is all a taxpayer-funded partisan agenda.

Again: go try this at your job and see what results you get.

The man is a liar, his claim is a fraud, and this whole episode shows just how flimsy the global warming case truly is. It is propaganda from stem to stern, with a very specific political purpose. And it’s time we start saying so, a lot more loudly.