by Rod D. Martin
March 20, 2007

We love the President, but the handling of this U.S. Attorney thing has been awful. These guys serve at the pleasure of the President: he can hire them and fire them at will. And no one should know this better than the @#$%! Democrats, whose favorite President Mr. Clinton fired ALL the U.S. Attorneys and appointed partisan Democrat operatives in their place at the very beginning of his first term.

And now guys like Chuckie Schumer and Joe “The Plaigerist” Biden are all in an uproar because the firing of eight of these guys might have been “politically motivated”???

So just moments ago, the President stood up, gave a press conference in the East Room, and said he will defend his Attorney General and will defend his perogatives.

Well thank God.

As I said (rather loudly) on our weekly White House conference call, if the President will roll over on this, he might as well just move home to Texas right now. The Democrats know they have no case. The traitorous, pusilanimous Republicans who’ve joined them know they have no case. Everyone in Washington knows they have no case, especially the media feeding this.

So if the President won’t stand on this, they win. Game over. For the rest of the term.

But today he stood. Today we saw the President we used to see. And today we can be proud.

We need to be. The Left is only beginning to sharpen its knives. It’s going to be a hard two years. And we need an overwhelmingly hard-core White House to take the lead, or it’s going to be uglier and uglier by the day.

UPDATE: From Breitbart – Bush Warns Dems: “No Show Trials”