by Rod D. Martin
December 18, 2021

I’m listening to all these wonderful Christmas songs from the 1940s and 50s, probably mostly sung by unbelievers, thinking:

How very short-sighted and ungrateful all those pastors and pundits were a few years ago railing against “cultural Christianity”.

They got what they wanted. It’s not better.

The answer to society’s many ills, not to mention lostness, was never less Christianity. It was always more.

True then, true since then, true now and tomorrow.

And it turns out that society is better for everyone when it is imperfectly based on a Christian worldview than when it is increasingly perfectly based on an anti-Christian one.

A society that affirms Christ is better. And it’s a starting point for even better still.

Analogous to this is MLK’s approach to civil rights. He did not condemn America, as the fake “anti-racists” do now. He understood that America was founded on exceptional principles and called on it to live up to them.

Would that more Christian leaders had done likewise, in the 1960s as well as the 2000s.

“Cultural Christianity” was an opportunity to reach people for the Gospel, and every other needed reform, from a shared starting point, calling them from superficiality to authenticity.

We should of course be grateful for the opportunities our current circumstances present also.

But we should learn the lesson.

Too many ungratefully rejected their blessings.

And so their blessings (and opportunities) were taken away.

Our children, and our civilization, are now paying a steep price for that myopic ingratitude.

True Then, True Since Then, True Now and Tomorrow originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.