by Rod D. Martin
December 2, 2021

Here, Southern Baptist scion Grant Gaines tells us that you’re only allowed to support the overturning of Roe v. Wade if you do it for non-Christian reasons. He says that if you oppose abortion because of anything the Bible says, you’re a “Christian Nationalist”. I kid you not.

#BigEva guys like Grant and Russell Moore demonized the word “nationalism” (which means believing one country shouldn’t rule another, and a country’s leaders should look out for its own people first) because they hated Trump and loved globalism.

Then they added the word “white” to “nationalism” to pretend that anyone who loves their country is a racist. That, of course, is just #CriticalRaceTheory, which they all deny and yet all defend.

Then they invented something no one can define called “Christian Nationalism”, which no one really has to define because it sounds like a mix of Nazism, the Klan, and theocracy. It doesn’t actually exist, but who cares, right? Using the term helps demonize the 86% of evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump (i.e., didn’t do what people like Grant Gaines and Russell Moore told them to do).

In the short term that frightens the rest of the denominational insiders into doing what they’re told. That helps the Woke guys take power. And Wokeness, like all Marxism, is entirely about power.

In the long term, of course, it’s intended to co-opt evangelicalism into supporting leftist political candidates (see #EvangelicalsforBiden), because if Christians aren’t allowed to apply the Bible to any issue outside the church, they’ll likely follow whatever the culture thinks is right this week. “Be winsome!” “The world is watching!”

Note these guys never say much about whether God is watching. Or whether He has a say about anything.

The irony, of course, is that all laws impose someone’s morality. Laws against murder impose someone’s morality. Laws permitting self-defense impose someone’s morality. So do property laws, and property taxes. So do laws about literally everything. Including abortion.

So #BigEva has done exactly what the formerly “mainline denominations” did a century ago, and what the Chinese Communist Party did with its state church (the Three Self Movement) three decades later. It has stated increasingly explicitly that you may never be for or against any political position because of your beliefs. You may only support or oppose things based on other people’s beliefs.

Neat trick, that.

Friedrich Nietzsche, a favorite of Socialist globalists a century ago, knew better. He wrote that once you give up the Christian God, Christian morality is out the window. What Grant calls “common decency and common good” is nonsense, because without a divine lawgiver what is “common” is shifting sand: what is left is only force. Without an ultimate authority Who defines right and wrong, only might make right, and whoever can amass power determines what is right.

Taking God out of the public square certainly isn’t Biblical. But it isn’t even Constitutional: your free speech rights alone are enough to allow you to advocate for or against anything based on whatever belief system you choose. And our system is designed for a public debate at the end of which an election decides whose ideas won.

That’s not “imposing Christian ideas”. That’s just democracy.

To pretend that only Christian ideas may never be discussed is both anti-Christian and anti-freedom.

And that’s where #BigEva is trying desperately to take us.

Wokeness, Like All Marxism, Is Entirely About Power originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.