by Rod D. Martin
March 30, 2021

Some of you are struggling to understand why the Woke crowd is now labeling things like sheet music and math as “racist”. It seems very strange.

It’s not strange at all.

Critical Race Theory, one subset of Critical Theory along with such others as Radical Feminism, Postcolonialism, Queer Theory, etc., is all the work product of the Frankfurt School Marxists, inspired by Antonio Gramsci and developed out by Herbert Marcuse and others. It’s aim is two-fold: the de-legitimization of Western Civilization, and the replacement of it with a Socialist dictatorship that has freedom to redefine absolutely everything, from form of government to music to the gender of “your” children (and I stress “your” in scare quotes because in the system I’m describing, the state owns your children).

Why not classical Marxism? Because class warfare didn’t sell in the U.S. They needed a new way to package it. Dividing people by race and sexuality took a while to develop out (given America’s historic adherence to Christian morality and the de-legitimization of racism after the 1960s), but Marxists always take the long view. A shame that Christians don’t.

Obviously all of this is extremely hostile to Christianity. Western Civilization is defined by Christianity, however imperfectly at points, and the eradication of Western Civilization is a primary goal of the movement. Moreover, the Bible posits a Creator Who defines and regulates reality, and that is anathema to Critical Theory (and to Postmodernism generally). Plus, as Orwell points out, in a totalitarian system, 2+2= Whatever The State Says It Equals. Which is the real point of all of this.

Music is being attacked, like the church and like everything else, because to the Marxist, all things are political and nothing can go untouched. And by political, I don’t mean Democrats and Republicans. I mean subject to the state, or not yet subject to the state. We think in terms of whether something is or isn’t subject to our King, Jesus Christ. They see the world exactly the same way, just with a different Sovereign.

This is a battle of worldviews. Theirs explicitly seeks to eradicate ours.

Can many of those who’ve bought into this articulate all that? No. But they’ve been so marinated in it, it just doesn’t matter. And the leaders know exactly what they’re doing.

If you have the time, watch my discussion of this from the recent Great Awokening Conference, entitled “The Road to Serfdom”.

The Road to Serfdom / Rod D. Martin

Why the Woke Crowd is Now Labeling Sheet Music and Math as “Racist” originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.