by Rod D. Martin
May 8, 2021

I hear a lot of our smaller church pastors lamenting the state of the SBC and the degree to which their voices go unheard.

I get it. So does Pastor Mike Stone, my friend whom I’m supporting for SBC President.

I grew up in towns of 3,500 and 10,000. Mike’s church is in a town of 3,400 in the middle of nowhere (though he’s running 1,100 on Sunday morning!). That’s one of the many reasons a lot of “the SBC Elites” have no use for him. But he was state convention president anyway, and SBC Executive Committee chairman anyway. He knows how to get things done. And he’s 100% with us.

The great power in the SBC lies in the ability to put trustees on boards. We just saw J.D.’s nominating committee report: it’s a nightmare. A few more like that and we’ll be fighting from a hole at least as deep as the one we were in back in the 1970s.

Stone loves the Lord, and isn’t afraid to stick to Scripture in the face of the world. Stone knows who to put where. And Stone has the best chance of turning people out. It’s a perfect combination. If we actually turn out and help.

And that’s my encouragement to you. Small churches have THE voice in the SBC if they will just use it, because no church can have more than 12 messengers, and most churches are under 200. Only 8% of our churches are represented at the Annual Meeting in a normal year. There’s no reason churches like yours can’t own the place.

But instead, they’ve let the celebrities and the denominational employees run roughshod over everyone.

It’s time to change that.

Small Churches Have THE Voice in the SBC if They Will Just Use It originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.