by Rod D. Martin
November 2, 2013

In a piece published yesterday at, Larry Kudlow opines that the liberal entitlement-state dream is crumbling, in direct consequence of the lies, the unworkability, and the manifest authoritarianism of Obamacare, summarized best in the mass cancellations of private health insurance policies this week.

Obama wants to blame insurance companies for that last bit, but thank God, NBC outed the President’s team and the President’s law as the ones responsible for the debacle. Kudlow lays it (to some degree) at the feet of the regulators, who drew the regs more tightly than the Obamacare law itself, deliberately trying to destroy as many private health plans as possible.

That’s all true, but misses the bigger point: who gave these unelected mandarins such powers in the first place? Is the system really free when people you can neither name, know, nor hold responsible in any way can radically alter your life, beyond what your elected representatives have allowed? No you are not, and this is our bigger point and has been all along: it’s not just socialism that’s horribly wrong. It’s an overgrown government that can rob you of your life, liberty and property with no semblance of “due process of law” and no pretense of representation.

Against these things we must fight, not only in specific cases such as Obamacare, but always. The abandonment of the principle is the beginning of the slippery slope that leads — but does not end — here.