by Rod D. Martin
November 1, 2013

Another thing our liberal things have never understood: we oppose socialism (or quasi-socialism like Obamacare) in no small part because of the inherent conflict of interest. If a doctor lies to you, you can sue him and win damages; you can also get his license revoked. But if the government lies to you, you can’t sue, you can’t get damages, and you’ll probably get an IRS audit for complaining about it.

So after decades of liberals making a mockery of justice with ever escalating “consumer protection” legislation, so crazy that the Mayor of New York wants to “protect” you from the Big Gulp, now we find the truth: that it was just about control (and paying off the liberal trial lawyers who support the Democratic Party). Because in a perfect liberal world, there will be no consumer protection at all.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself what would happen if Blue Cross promised you an insurance policy that was cheaper than your current plan with more coverage, but lied about it? Or if they promised that if you bought it and didn’t like it you could keep your old plan instead? Yeah, they’d all go to prison, after paying you millions.

So where is Barack Obama today? And how’s his bank account looking? No different than yesterday, I bet.

James Taranto has an excellent piece on this very thing in today’s Wall Street Journal. You should read it.