Portland Protestby Rod D. Martin
March 21, 2007

Here’s what the “anti-war” movement really is: anti-America.

This is what MoveOn’s really doing with all that money. This is what the “anti-war” left really means by “supporting the troops”. They and their friends are not anti-war: they are for anyone opposing this country; and just like the smelly hippies of a generation earlier, the people they hate most are the American soliders (whom they term “mercenaries” and in a different era called “baby-killers”) who dare bring freedom to an oppressed people under our flag.

So here they are, burning an American soldier in effigy on a Portland campus. And aren’t we all so proud?

UPDATE: The picture attached to this post came from the Drudge Report; however, Drudge linked to Rachael Palinkas’ Facebook account, which held an entire photo album of this disgraceful rally. We have no idea if Ms. Palinkas was for or against the rally, and (not surprisingly) her link no longer works. We very much appreciate her — along with whomever produced the above photo for Drudge — for documenting the Left, well, being itself.

FLASHBACK: Christopher Hitchens, writing in the leftwing Slate, documents the foreign Communist organizers of the U.S. antiwar movement, and the rather astonishing role of Ramsey Clark (former U.S. Attorney General and Saddam Hussein defense attorney) in all of this.