by Rod D. Martin
March 21, 2007

Paul Weyrich is one of the creators of the modern conservative movement, and remains one of the most influential people in the Republican Party and in Washington, D.C. It is very dangerous to trifle with him: his prophesies are frequently self-fulfilling.

And this is what he has to say:

This is the first time in more than half a century that there is no clear heir apparent in either party. But if this goes through it will be Hillary v. Rudy. And that will produce a massive walk-out from the Republican Party. Many are in that party because of pro-life and pro-family concerns. They have given up on the Democratic Party since 1980. If the Republicans are foolish enough to nominate a candidate who favors abortion rights and rights for homosexuals and so on the GOP will be left with only bitter partisans. All of those grassroots people who joined the Republicans because its candidates protected life will find themselves without a party. Even though it is terribly hard to start a new party, because the rules are stacked against you, it would be done in these circumstances. Without all of the pro-life and pro-family people voting Republican, Hillary would win.

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