by Rod D. Martin
June 1, 2018

U.S. oil output just jumped to a record high. And that’s an all-time record high, mind you. A decade ago it was less than half that, and it was “settled science” that it could only drop in half from there, not increase, much less double.

Capitalism and innovation matter a lot more than some leftist’s “settled science”. Ask Malthus. Or Magellan and Galileo for that matter.

You know where you could have read about how technology and markets were about to increase — not decrease — the supply of oil? It’s just about the only place, too, just like it was one of only a handful of places telling you why McDonald’s and Facebook were great investments when everyone else was attacking them, why a space revolution was about to happen a decade before it did, and for that matter, why Donald Trump was going to win the White House.

You can’t get that stuff other places. You get it at


— U.S. Oil Output Jumps to Record High originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.