by Rod D. Martin
June 1, 2018

Black unemployment falls to another all-time low, dropping almost a full point in just one month, from its previous all-time low. Not shockingly, that never happened under Barack Obama, or even our “first black president” Bill Clinton.

Oh, and overall unemployment drops to 3.8%. It has long been thought that “structural unemployment” — the amount of unemployment that’s just “built in” because people move around and change jobs — was 4.5%. Under Trump, clearly that’s not true, which makes you wonder whether 4.5% might have been a BS number designed to cover the failings of the past four administrations.

Meanwhile, Democrats are promising a $1.5 trillion (with a “t”) tax hike if they win this fall. Apparently, because they still love the Venezuelan model they were all praising right before that whole country started having to eat garbage (when they could find it).

Black unemployment rate hits new record low in May
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— Black Unemployment Falls to Another All-Time Low originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.