by Rod D. Martin
January 19, 2020

The globalists spout off endlessly about multilateralism, but actually believe in an empire, ruled by a Western elite of unelected bureaucrats and insiders from Brussels to the Beltway. In their scheme, everything from Saudi Arabia to South Dakota is their colony, and you better not speak back to your betters.

Nationalism is about everyone ruling themselves, not kowtowing to their distant, usually unelected “betters”. Domestically that means our government works for “America First” instead of redistributing Americans’ earnings to the elites’ pet interests and Americans’ jobs to other parts of the elites’ global empire.

Internationally, it means actually respecting other countries sovereignty as much as we wish ours to be respected, instead of unending meddling and “nation building” with massive costs in blood and treasure to all but the elites who gain by that blood and collect that treasure.

Nationalism is self-rule, and the belief in others’ right to the same. Opposition to nationalism is just imperialism. Britain discovered this and that’s why there’s now Brexit. But they had already discovered it when a cascade of nationalist movements dissolved the British Empire, and (almost) every other empire in the world.

The globalists (imperialists) spout off endlessly about multilateralism, by which they mean dictating the will of that Western elite to both the peoples of the West and the governments of the world.

Trump upended that. That’s why they hate and fear him.

Brian Cates well summarizes the international component of this in this article. A key takeaway: “Trump approaches [Middle Eastern allies] like an equal, not their boss. He says, “You tell me how I can help you. You’re in charge here. It’s your country, your region. I’m a visitor. Tell me what you need me to do.”

The contrast between this and every other recent President is daylight and dark.

President Trump and Nationalism originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.