by Rod D. Martin
February 12, 2021

I am often asked, what’s the point of ever voting or participating again if they can suppress our messages, steal our elections, and keep us from being heard in court (and as you know, not one court would allow us to get to the evidentiary stage after November 3rd. Not. One.)

There is very clearly a two-tiered justice system in America now. You saw it with the Clinton emails. You saw it with the Russia farce. You saw it after the election. One side gets every deference, the other side gets every presumption of guilt, or can’t even get into court at all.

This is every bit as horrifying as you think it is.

Having said that, the American system has distributed sovereignty. The states are meaningful and can meaningfully throw up roadblocks to what’s happened and what’s coming. And they are.

The most important of those is strong election law, either maintaining that in states like Florida and Texas or re-establishing it in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania. Every one of those states has a Republican state legislature, and the Constitution gives exclusive authority over the selection of electors to those legislatures.

So what can we do? What must we do? The immediate needs are:

1. Keep people aware (and upset) about the magnitude of the theft. Without agitation there will be no action. With sufficient action there is always hope for meaningful change.

2. Defeat HR-1 in Congress. Difficult, but possible. And even if we fail, defeat it in the courts. The courts were unwilling to take up what they clearly saw as a dangerously hot potato like the election outcome, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take up something less immediately controversial, as they have consistently done, and increasingly in our favor. I’m not discounting the fact that the other side is increasingly openly willing to play rough. I’m just saying that we’re not completely out of this game, either in the courts or even in Congress. And we only have to stave off the worst of this for a couple years, because…

3. We can win in 2022. You rightly ask “how can we do that if they are going to cheat?” Well, because they mostly cheated in jurisdictions they completely controlled. Even in Georgia, they clearly had co-opted the Secretary of State and to a lesser degree the Governor, but they committed their fraud in specific localities where they had total power. There are only so many of those localities, and we can win both the Senate and the House based on races in places they do not fully control.

4. As stated above, we must maintain strong election law in the states we control, and we must reassert it — and create the means to enforce it — in the states where the fraud (mostly) took place. That’s a tall order, but it’s absolutely doable. And absent HR-1, there’s little the feds can do to stop it.

5. Finally, we have to run better candidates than Kelly Loeffler and Martha McSally — who were pretty vulnerable anyway — and we have to build the on-the-ground organization to elect them. This is not rocket science: it’s just work, and work the RINOs never ever do but the Democrats always do. Tall order? Yes. But we’re already off the cliff, hanging on with one hand, so the alternative is particularly unappealing.

The left has executed a revolution: politically yes, and also culturally (one eerily similar to China’s Cultural Revolution I might add). But they have yet to consolidate that revolution, and the American system is strongly and purposely decentralized in a manner that gives us real tools to thwart what they have done and are still doing.

Do not give up. But do not think this will resolve itself. This is not some minor illness we’ll just get over. This is a cancer. And if we don’t cut out that cancer, very actively, it will consume us fully and the Republic will die.

Our forefathers fought and defeated the greatest empire on Earth to give us this country. Shall we do any less?

There is very Clearly a Two-Tiered Justice System in America Now originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.