by Rod D. Martin
February 13, 2021

A few of the people we need to primary, asap:

Liz Cheney is not safe, though Rudy Cajka makes an excellent case for why she’s safer than she might be (short answer: Wyoming has an open primary, an abomination which allows members of the other party to vote on our nominee).

Murkowski and Collins are safe, and they know it. With one possible caveat: if Sarah Palin goes back to Alaska to challenge Murkowski, she could bring enough out-of-state fundraising firepower, plus enough longstanding in-state support, to meaningfully put the RINO Murkowski at risk. Palin has her own baggage, but it would be a heck of a race.

Burr and Toomey are retiring, so their votes were free throws too. But on that note, let’s talk about Richard Burr. Burr is the odious inside trader who had to give up his committee chairmanship last year — he actually ought to be in prison — who got off in part because he’s a NeverTrumper who wrote an Intelligence Committee report pretending there was more to the Russia scandal than his own Committee’s evidence said there was. He did this even after Mueller had returned a verdict of “no evidence”. In short, he’s a corrupt sleezebag, and did exactly what I expected he’d do after Bill Barr’s DOJ “cleared” him just days after the Jan. 6 riot.

Cassidy and Sasse, like McConnell, might as well be invulnerable because they’re not up for re-election until 2026. We can hope their states have long memories, but that’s pretty dang long.

So that just leaves Mittens, who will next be on the ballot in 2024…when Trump is likely to be also. And if they’re both running that year, you can expect an unprecedented amount of money to be directed into the Utah Republican primary.


People We Need to Primary, Yesterday originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.