by Rod D. Martin
March 23, 2007

Here is the President at his best: not just resolute but absolute, saying flat out that under no circumstances will he accept an artificial timetable or unconstitutional restrictions on our forces. That is, no circumstances.

This is leadership. This is emboldening.

By contrast, what the Democrats have done is exactly what the President said: political theatre, with no possibility of actual passage into law. This is not to say it couldn’t become law: other Presidents — and this President, in the case of McCain-Feingold — have bowed to such pressure or been worn out over time. But if Bush stands firm, the issue is not passage — since the House cannot likely override his veto — but stalemate: the House cuts off funds for the troops by refusing to pass anything at all.

It is that we have to stop.

Once again, everyone needs to fax/call the Democrats and yell at them. They are endangering all of us to pander to their MoveOn/DailyKos base. As MoveOn put it not long ago, “this is our party: we bought it, we paid for it, and we’re taking it back.” And so they have. And so they have.

But they can’t buy America. And it’s time to remind these Democrats that they cannot sustain their majority on the leftwing nutroots alone.