by Rod D. Martin
March 23, 2007

They promised a five-day work week: they lied. They promised not to raise taxes: their most recent budget numbers show that’s a lie too. They promised they wouldn’t cut-and-run: today they’re doing that too.

Nancy Pelosi and John “Abscam” Murtha passed their Pre-emptive Surrender Bill 218-212 only moments ago. The bill not only places a timeline on troop withdrawal — the single worst message we could send our enemies — it also denies crucial funding to the troops, including for needed armor (because we know the Dems really “care”). And perhaps worst (and most unconstitutionally) of all, it requires the Commander-in-Chief to give Congress 15 days notice before any troop deployment.

Does anyone think that al Qaeda will give us 15 days notice? Does anyone think this can possibly make us safer?

The President will veto this bill. We will fight to ensure his veto is sustained, though it is very likely that it will be.

But here’s the crucial point: all money bills MUST originate in the House. If the House doesn’t get its way, even if the President vetoes what they do, it doesn’t have to fund the troops at all. A showdown is definitely shaping up, and we need to push things back decisively the other way.

Make no mistake: Pelosi et al. — who wouldn’t fund key armor for the troops — tacked all the pork they could onto this bill to get their hippie buddies to vote for it (they also raised the ire of the even crazier left in the process); and not only that, they rigged the game, restricting the vote from any possibility of amendment, an absolutely unprecedented move in the history of bills to fund wartime military operations. They broke every rule, they broke every promise they made last fall.

And they’re well on their way to breaking America.

We really must resist. We must push back. We have to peel off some of their votes from today to prevent the coming surrender. But don’t sit on this. Pass this on. Because they are setting in motion a disaster which will quickly become inevitable if we don’t stop it.