by Rod D. Martin
April 21, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor’s Linda Feldmann addresses that topic here, and mostly does a good job of it. What she doesn’t quite say — and probably is not at liberty to say — is that the difference between the best years under Bush and the best years under Clinton is chiefly the relentless drumbeat by the mainstream media claiming that black is white and white is black. Every day, CNN and the gang proclaim a horrible economy of shrinking opportunity, layoffs, jobs being siphoned off to China, immigrants (illegal and otherwise) “stealing” American jobs, dropping incomes, you name it.

And yet the statistics demonstrate the exact opposite on nearly every point.

Take the “outsourcing” myth. “Everyone knows” that American business is outsourcing virtually every job in America to foreign countries as fast as they can.

But does anyone know — anyone but readers of Fortune magzine, my column, and other informed sources — that foreign and domestic companies are insourcing (i.e., bringing into America) almost three times as many jobs as are being outsourced?

No, Katie Couric doesn’t want to tell that story, because it doesn’t fit the script: it won’t help Democrats retake control of Congress this fall, and it won’t help Hillary beat Jeb Bush or whatever Republican she might face in 2008.

The truth is real wages are rising, America is producing so many new jobs that it can absorb 11 million illegal aliens and still have the lowest unemployment rate in the past thirty years, and virtually everything is better than Americans are hearing day after day.

Will they wake up in time to realize it, or will they vote in the people sworn to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? Time will tell. But that’s precisely what groups like the NFRA are for.