by Dr. Jack Wheeler
To The Point News
April 27, 2006

Ever so often, the America-hating depravity of liberals is exposed with breathtaking clarity.  Normally, they try to hide their embarrassment at being an American.  Or they’ll get angrily defensive.  “Are you questioning my patriotism?” they’ll intimidatingly ask.  To which the answer is:  “I would if you had any patriotism to question.”

They fudge and smudge over the fact that they are always on the side of America’s enemies.  They always blame America for any problem in the world, and root for America to lose in any conflict.

What they hide best is their secret admiration for Osama Bin Laden.  They know how many Americans would like to tar and feather them if they admitted they were thrilled that a guy in a beard and turban living in an Afghan cave destroyed the world’s tallest buildings in America’s greatest city, killed thousands on American soil, and humbled the Great Superpower in the eyes of the world.

So liberals keep this to themselves.  Once in a while, though, one of them exposes himself and reveals the ugliness of his soul.

Like a fellow named Richard Marshall did in an email to me this week.

He (of course) is not a To The Point subscriber, yet he saw last week’s emailed TTP Weekly Report which led with the first line of No Moslems Go To Heaven:

“The single greatest achievement of George W. Bush’s presidency, which makes up for all its defects, is that there has not been one repeat – much less several – of the Moslem terrorist attack on America of September 11, 2001.”

So up pops this smart aleck email in my To The Point inbox:

“Hey Jack: Clinton must have been a greater president he did not have any terrorist attacks.  Richard Marshall”

I am in permanent email overwhelm.  I very much appreciate the emails I get from TTP subscribers and wish I could respond to them all but I just can’t.  This one bugged me though.  Without checking to see if Marshall was a subscriber (which I should have done first), I quickly sent him a refutation-list:

World Trade Center bombing by Al Qaeda, February 26, 1993:

Khobar Towers bombing by Al Qaeda, June 25, 1996:

USS Cole bombing by Al Qaeda, October 12, 2000:

Here is his response:

“Those were revenge for the many many many attacks US has carried out, NOT terror, there is a difference.”

Nothing could epitomize the liberal hatred of America more than this.  A terrorist attack upon America is, by liberal definition, not terrorism but justifiable revenge.  This is the morality of a suicide bomber.

Which is appropriate, because liberals are suicidal.  They root for the destruction of their country, they root for the destruction of Western Civilization.  They really are on the other side.  We should always keep this in mind and never be surprised to find them there.  Thanks for reminding me, Richard.


— Dr. Jack Wheeler is editor-in-chief of To The Point News and is widely credited as the architect of the Reagan Doctrine.