by Rod D. Martin
August 16, 2005

Miracle of miracles, the secular gang at Psychology Today, the same folks who’ve foisted more harm on society than we could ever calculate, has figured out another age-old truth. In its August 2005 cover story, the journal examines “The Cohabitation Trap: When ‘Just Living Together’ Sabotages Love”. The article is advertised with this blurb: “Living together before marriage seems like a smart way to road test the relationship. But cohabitation may lead you to wed for all the wrong reasons–or turn into a one-way trip to splitsville.”

Generations of mothers could have told us this, of course. And they have.

Nevertheless, we should commend truth wherever we find it, and I surely do. It is long overdue for the “if it feels good do it” crowd to awaken to the real consequences of some of their favored “alternate lifestyles”; not because other people are better, mind you, but because everyone deserves at least a fighting chance. And teaching (and encouraging) successive generations to do things which are wildly self-destructive is just plain wrong.

Al Mohler has a tremendous write-up here. You should definitely take time to read it.