by Rod D. Martin
January 23, 2007

New Virginia Senator Jim Webb just demonstrated at length why we must not allow his party to hold power for any length of time.  The economic portion of his speech was just one long laundry list of class warfare tripe.  His statistics are wrong, his populism is misplaced, and his philosophy is not shared by the vast majority of Americans.

His foreign policy section was hardly better.  Using his father — who flew planes in the Berlin Airlift — as a prop, supposedly demonstrating his patriotism and commitment and blah blah blah, he joins a long list of Democrats who drape themselves in the flag only to burn it.  Someday, even the asbestos suit of the media won’t be able to protect them from their flames.

It’s hard to know where to begin on the fallacies (read: lies) in Webb’s speech, other than the obvious: his script was not written in 2007 in Washington but rather in 1967 in Berkeley.  There wasn’t a single assertion Webb made — other than the increased unpopularity of the war — which wasn’t false; moreover he contradicted himself flat out in pretending at first not to call for a precipitous withdrawal and then demanding that very thing.  Especially egregious was his unsupported, unsourced lie that the majority of the military is now against the war:  expect this to be the oft-repeated lie of the year on the Democrat side.

And of course, his conclusory sentence was as plain as day:  George Bush can surrender now, or we’ll make him do it.

As Rudy Giuliani said moments later on Fox News, the war on terror will not end because these idiots happen to hold another Woodstock.  The war was declared and prosecuted by our enemies for a decade (by some counts two) before we even noticed on 9/11.  Leaving Iraq now will just embolden them.  It will not stop them:  it will bring them here.

But that’s the opposing party.  Patriotic and full of desire to defend America, or deceitful hippie fifth column, selling us out to whichever enemy happens along from decade to decade?  You decide.