by Rod D. Martin
January 24, 2007

It has been my intention all along that Blog.TheVanguard.Org be not the Rod Martin show, but rather an official site blog for our new and growing organization. Among other things, this means that I ought not be the only person blogging here; and while we have some very big things planned in that regard which go far beyond what I’m announcing tonight, nevertheless this is certainly a key part of my wicked master plan. [twisting my virtual mustache, or making the Dr. Evil sign, or whatever]

So tonight, I’m announcing the first of several hand-picked bloggers who will be the voice of our official blog. Charles Gordon is an extraordinary man, with a great deal of experience at the highest levels of government, a real love for the Lord, and a deep and personal understanding of the needs of our poorest Americans. I could never say enough to do justice by my friend Charles, and I won’t try. His participation here will more than speak for itself.

He will begin contributing here shortly. Watch for it.