by Rod D. Martin
September 24, 2015

So Obama is moving to “crack down” on tax inversions, which is nothing if not one of the monstrously self-defeating laws passed by the looters in Atlas Shrugged.

There are two real scandals here, and neither of them have to do with tax avoidance. 1. Companies are leaving what has always been the greatest country in the world because it’s become too expensive to do business here, because 2. Our government now imposes the highest corporate tax on Earth, almost double the world average.

Why would anyone be dumb enough to do business here (he says, while doing business here)? And why do these people not understand that if you attract more companies at a lower tax rate, there’s more total profit and thus more total tax revenue?

If we aren’t tax competitive we will continue to have high unemployment indefinitely, and our standard of living will continue to fall. That’s a heck of a price to pay for preferring covetousness to growth.

And that’s what socialism is, folks, make no mistake: it is an entire social theory built on jealousy and hate, two vices which end up burning down neighborhoods to “stick it to the man” (or killing the Kulaks as “class enemies,” or, in Cambodia, murdering everyone who wore glasses since they were “obviously” intellectuals).

Counterintuitive? It shouldn’t be. The biggest socialists are always wealthy, people who’ve used capitalism to amass position and who want to keep the poor and middle class down. They use socialism to destroy their competitors, and they use it to create a new aristocracy that our republic, in its birth, tore down. They push the idea that everyone is some sort of “victim” so those not getting the joke will be enraged with covetousness as well, and ignore how they’re being divided, manipulated and conquered.

In any case, keep this up, Obama, and you’ll see a lot more than Burger King leaving the country. Ask John Galt.

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