by Rod D. Martin
September 25, 2014

One reason really.  If he admits al Qaeda / ISIS are religious, and that their acts are in pursuit of their beliefs, he’ll have to admit that there is a qualitative difference between Billy Graham and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Telling that glaring truth is more than the liberal worldview and narrative can bear. If you don’t believe me, just ask our Department of Homeland Security.

The left hates Christians and Christianity. Muslims have been attacking, conquering, force-converting, beheading, castrating, raping and subjugating Christians since Muhammad founded that religion.

This is not to say that every individual Muslim (or Democrat) shares this virulent hate. But it is to say that ISIS / al Qaeda is just doing what the Prophet and his immediate successors did when they swept out of the same desert across the then-Christian Levant, North Africa, Spain and France, and what almost all of their generations thereafter continued across the Earth, from their conquest of India to the Siege of Vienna and beyond to this very day.

It is also to say that the left wants to stamp out Christianity every bit as much. Admitting that Christian civilization has been the greatest force for good in human history, or that Islam has been a brutal totalitarian and frequently barbaric force, or that Sunday School ladies aren’t wild-eyed extremists, or even just that rational people are motivated to act by their faith and beliefs (and that those are very different from religion to religion), none of this serves the “Progressive” worldview, from Sam Harris to Christopher Hitchens to Saul Alinsky to Barack Hussein Obama.

In ISIS / al Qaeda, the left’s propaganda war against some of us is tripping over the very real jihad against all of us. Expect more sputtering and nonsense to come.