October 3, 2005

NICEVILLE, FLORIDA — Rod D. Martin, Chairman of Vanguard PAC, one of America’s leading conservative groups, today expressed extreme disappointment in President Bush’s choice of Harriet Miers to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

“No one is more grateful for the President’s leadership and conservatism than I am,” said Martin, editor and co-author of last year’s Thank You President Bush: Reflections on the War on Terror, Defense of the Family and Revival of the Economy. “But this appointment is an enormous disappointment, and we simply can’t support it.

“For twenty years, conservatives have waited for this moment to really change the course of the court. They’ve organized, they’ve convinced America, and they’ve won majorities at every level of government. And conservative legal minds have slaved away to become truly exceptional, and our appeals courts are filled with them, in part thanks to George Bush.

“Now, at the very moment when one of those truly tremendous judges could finally ratify America’s elective will — someone we could count on, someone with a track record known to anyone outside the “White House inner circle” — the President instead appoints someone who’s never been a judge, never left a paper trail, and never given any of us the slightest reason to believe she’ll be the kind of judge who’s worth fighting for.

“I trust George Bush. I believe in George Bush. And I won’t oppose his nominee. But we won’t back her, at least right now; and we call on all conservatives to keep their powder dry until someone gives us at least some reason to do otherwise.”

Vanguard PAC mobilized tens of thousands of activists across America in support of Chief Justice Roberts’ confirmation, and Martin had last week publicly promised to greatly intensify those efforts in support of “a serious conservative nominee like Scalia or Thomas.”