by Rod D. Martin
October 5, 2005

Since Vanguard PAC announced its position on Harriet Miers — which we note is subject to future modification should there ever be any evidence one way or the other regarding what the President’s nominee believes — a lot of words have been written by very smart people. I’d like to cherry-pick a few of these and present them for your consideration.

David Frum: Miers “An Unforced Error”

National Review Editors: “A Missed Opportunity”

Washington Times: Christ Changed Miers’ Worldview

Rush Limbaugh: Pick Made From Weakness

David Limbaugh: Disappointed, But Still Hopeful

Bill Kristol: Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized

Fred Barnes: The Nominee You Know

George Will: It Might Be Very Important Miers Not Be Confirmed

James Dobson: Cautiously Optimistic