by Rod D. Martin
August 28, 2013

In case anyone cares, my take on the looming war with Syria?

1. Idiotic. We’re acting as al Qaeda’s air force. We’re ignoring evidence that both sides have used chemical weapons. We’re alienating countries (specifically Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia) who can and will make us pay for this. And supporting the other side wouldn’t be any better: this is one of those deals (like the Iran-Iraq War, or the war between Hitler and Stalin) where you kind of hope both sides kill each other.

2. Hypocritical. Listening to John Kerry and Barack Obama and countless media puppets make the same arguments for this war they made against the war in Iraq would be bad enough. Listening to them make those arguments while fully intending to stir up the hornet’s nest without finishing the job is just gross. Saddam is gone. The Iraqi chapter of the Ba’ath Party (NB: Syria is ruled by that very same Ba’ath Party) is defunct and destroyed. Iraq is a threat to absolutely no one, especially its own people. Obama & Kerry mean to do some symbolic killing, and then leave and allow things to continue as-is. Why are we doing this again?

3. Schizophrenic. Where is MoveOn? Where is OFA? Where is Not In Our Name? Sean Penn and Martin Sheen? Oh, yeah: they have dual personalities, one for when a Republican sends people to Gitmo or bombs somebody, and a different one for when a Democrat does not just the exact same thing, but the exact things he said he’d never, ever do.

Again, my issue here isn’t war. When you need to go to war, go. And my issue isn’t that it’s Obama: if Obama had a credible plan to make things better — and like him or not, Bush did — then fine. I’d still think it was a bad idea, but that’s neither here nor there.

My issue is that Obama is providing al Qaeda an air force. And rank-and-file liberals are going to support that without one single chant of “Obama, Kerry, CIA: How many kids have you killed today?”