by Rod D. Martin
September 2, 2013

Some liberals, anyway. Very interesting article in The New Republic: “American Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids. Here’s How.”  It is subtitled “In defense of the wild child”.

Yeah. Absolutely right.  But when your political coalition depends on goldbricking NEA clods (you know, the “I’ll change when funding changes” crowd), your philosophical position opposes all “violence” (except against Syria, and unborn babies, and political opponents) but especially spanking, and your worldview has completely replaced the concept of evil (again, except for your political opponents) with the near-universality of mental illness (oh, and victimhood:  don’t forget victimhood), well, what can you do?  Drug the kids, demand conformity, blame parents, or Republicans, or whoever’s handy for the inevitable failure.

Alas, liberals’ kids are harmed by this stupidity every bit as much as everyone else.  It’s good to see some of them notice.  And the article is worth reading.