by Rod D. Martin
May 16, 2018

Kim is right to be concerned about Gaddafi.

In 2003, George W. Bush negotiated a deal to denuclearize Libya. Gaddafi gave up 100% of his nuclear program, the size of which surprised the West. It was transported to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Gaddafi didn’t want to end up like Saddam. He was also tired of sanctions and wanted to open up his country, which he did. He also stopped sponsoring terrorism.

All proceeded well. Until we elected a Democrat.

Suddenly, without any provocation whatsoever, Obama and Hillary decided Gaddafi was fair game. They sponsored an uprising and bombed the tar out of Libya. Gaddafi was dragged out of his palace and sodomized to death on camera. Libya became a dystopian failed state, ruled by rival gangs, as it is to this day.

It’s enough to make you think they wanted to teach foreign dictators not to make peace with the United States. Kind of like Obama’s second Secretary of State John Kerry pleading with Hamas not to make peace with Donald Trump. Who’s side are these folks on, right?

I don’t know why John Bolton mentioned Libya while talking about North Korea. I can see why he might, but it seems to me a mistake. It highlights the fact that, every time we elect Democrats — as we eventually always do — we sell out all our allies and leave people who were counting on us to die. This happens under Republicans too, just not as often.

But I know this, as I’ve been writing and/or publishing for years. As evil as Kim’s regime is (and Gaddafi’s was), there’s a peace deal to be had that’s good for all involved (actually good, not just a sellout of our own interests like the moronic Iran Deal).

But that video of Gaddafi getting dragged through the streets and raped to death? No, that’s not going to help.

Specter of Gaddafi Haunts North Korea Talks
Image linked to Bloomberg article